Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Two Cents #2

Canceling the Oscars

Okay, so it's been awhile since my last "My Two Cents" and I'm sure you've all been wondering what's on my mind lately.

Well, one thing is the current Writers' Guild of America strike, but that's not what this edition of "My Two Cents" is about. (I will certainly comment on this in length in a future edition of this blog report.)

I recently renewed a lapsed subscription to Entertainment Weekly (mostly because Premiere Magazine ceased publishing a print version), and last week's issue had this on the cover, "Will the Oscars Happen?" The article goes on to discuss the possibilities of the Oscars going the way of the Golden Globes: canceling the telecast and simply having a press conference.

Well, I honestly couldn't care less. I think all awards shows are a bit ridiculous in all the pomp and circumstance that comes with them. Some actresses look wonderful and their beautiful gowns, some actresses look terrible in their hideous gowns. The entertainment channels broadcast live outside on the red carpet for hours on end prior to the events, fans are falling all over themselves to try to touch a celebrity or get an autograph.

Then there's the telecast. The host usually tells some really good jokes; if it is a good host that is, like Billy Crystal or John Stewart, but the actors who get up there to present awards seem awkward and often have little chemistry with one another. For me, that is about as painful to watch as a "Saw" movie.

The only thing that really interests me about the awards shows is who wins. And normally I simply look that up on the internet the next day. Why do I need to sit in front of the television for three or more hours, subject myself to the unwitty banter of the presenters (I am definitely on the side of the writers in this strike, but the writers for most awards shows don't really write good stuff for the presenters), watch the nominees in the audience act surprised when they win, and then go up on stage and thank everyone under the sun and moon for winning.

And yes, not having the awards shows takes away the spotlight from those artists who deserve the recognition and their moment in the spotlight; however, in much of what I've read about the writers' strike, the actors are truly supportive as a group. So I don't give this argument much weight.

I'd rather just not do it, so good riddance awards shows. I didn't miss the Golden Globes telecast, and I won't miss the Oscars should it not happen. Just let me know who won and I'll be fine.

However, I must admit that on occasion awards shows do provide some great moments.

Cuba Gooding Jr. at the Oscars

Jim Carrey at the MTV Movie Awards
(granted, this isn't from one of the traditional awards shows, but it's a great acceptance speech)

Jamie Foxx at the Oscars

There are probably a couple hand-fuls of other great moments, for the most part I believe most awards shows are truly forgettable.

Oscars, I will not miss you...

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